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You have complete control over this.

Most of the time, dental accountants don’t actually deal with money, but they can help with payroll and other bills.

Your practice can scan in bills you want paid in a way that is HIPAA-compliant, so you can check that off your list every month with little effort.

No, you don’t have to if you don’t want to.

If you get along well with your current accountant but they don’t know much about dentistry, you can hire a dental accountant who only helps you reconcile your electronic-fund transfers (EFT) with your bank account.

We know that you may already have a trusted accountant who handles most of your financial services, so Dental Accounting services offers EFT reconciliation as a stand-alone service if that’s all your practice needs.

Ask a dental accountant how much they can change their services to meet your needs when you meet with them for an interview.

Most of the time, they may be an all-or-nothing accountant.

On the other hand, eAssist Dental Accounting Services has trusted CPA-certified accountants who can meet your specific needs and give you the financial peace of mind you deserve, so you can focus on dentistry and the growth of your practice.